I love witty stories, paper, and cake,
but I am not going to focus on the cake (because I have no willpower).

Have you ever looked at an image and wondered what its story is? Or, read a story and needed to see an image in your mind? I am totally that person. Ever since I was young I have been fascinated by images and words…Even after I “outgrew” picture books, a good story would unfold an image in my mind and I’ve always created stories around images.

In fact, I grew up surrounded by stories; my mother was a big proponent of early childhood literacy way before that was cool. I was reading long before I was eating glue in kindergarten. Every evening my dad would spin fantastic tales for me, not from a book but from his mind. I was destined to be a cross between a day dreamer and a bookworm… (also on a side note my mom was a chocoholic and my dad was a baker so I have a serious thing for cake…chocolate cake to be clear.)

To this day I like my entertainment the old-fashioned way: in books and on paper. As an artist, I work in both the analog and digital worlds (if you are reading this we are probably doing the digital thing right now). I am as comfortable with film and ink as I am with the mouse and a printer, but for me there is some intimacy lost between the screen and myself as a viewer. Do you ever feel this way?

If you love the tactile feel of paper, the smell of ink, the wonder of opening a book or a letter and letting it surprise you, then we are going to get along great like two peas in a pod. Personally, my computer rarely surprises me like that…it does sometimes astound and baffle me however. As an artist and a writer I work with photography, illustration and hand lettering out of my studio in Upstate NY.

My work is all about entertaining your mind in a very nostalgic way with words and images on paper. I want you to be able to hold my work in your hands and be excited by arrivals in the mail. I want you to feel connected with the tales I tell. Whether it’s a one sentence story in a card that makes you laugh and lets someone know that you care, or a more involved tale that is meant to spark your curiosity and take you on a journey. My work is for those who want to laugh at life and always want to know how a story turned out.